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High-pressure vessels

Advantages of Stainless Steel Liner

• Minimum gas permeability of the barrier layer — will allow to effectively store and transport various types of gases (methane, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.)
• The load-carrying structure of the liner is involved in the strength calculations of the pressure shell of the cylinder — the load takes at least 80 bars
• Stainless steel is a “high-cycle” material; its use allows you to create cylinders with a cyclic load of at least 20,000 loads (aluminum and polymer-composite shells work no more than 5,000 high pressure loads)
• lack of defects of a polyethylene liner:
• cracking under load;
• loss of stability;
• cyclic fatigue from exposure to variable temperatures;
• bundle

Using the developed cylinders will allow creating the following systems that do not have world analogues

NameWinding materialOperating pressureVolume and number of cylindersMass of cylinders (without gas)Methane capacity system
Container 45’ HCPW 9’1”carbon fiber250 bar2800×18 pcs. = 50 400 l12240 kg15 108 m³10 878 kg30 600 000 RUB
Semitrailer carbon fiber 250 bar 3600 x 18pcs. = 64800 l 14400 kg 19 424 m³ 13 986 kg 36 000 000 RUB
Railway carriage carbon fiber 250 bar 3600 x 54pcs. = 194400 l 43200 kg 58273 m³ 41 957 kg 108 000 000 RUB

Specialized CNG wagons will allow:

  • refuel shunting diesel locomotives with gas engine fuel;
  • gasify remote railway stations, villages and other consumers currently using fuel oil or diesel fuel;
  • refuel PAGS (GFUps).

CNG wagons can be used:

  • as gas accumulators instead of stationary storage systems;
  • for filling natural gas storage facilities;
  • it will be possible to dump the finished product directly into the gas networks as a storage tank and to maintain pressure in the networks.

To fill the CNG of wagons, it is advisable to build automatic compressor stations on gas pipelines:

  • minimum construction costs;
  • wholesale price of gas;
  • minimum cost of operation.