Institute of Special Technologies

Russian Academy of Sciences



Nowadays, fundamental academic research work in the field of health care is focused on obtaining new scientific knowledge in the field of epidemiology, molecular biology, virology, bacteriology, genetic engineering, biotechnology, ecology and biological safety.

JSC Institute of Special Technologies, RAS conducts a study of world practice on the latest technologies for creation and production of vaccines, in order to prepare a package of initial data that are necessary for the development of projects for localization of modern foreign production technologies for needs of domestic immunobiological industry. A list of organizations leading in the development and production of vaccines has been compiled. Marketing research of the world leaders in development and production of vaccines has been accomplished.

Scientific research of JSC «IST» RAS is aimed at development, creation and improvement of biotechnologies for production of counteracting infectious pathogens means.

The main research areas of JSC «IST» RAS are:

  • Development of processes and technological lines for production of vaccines;
  • Development and delivery of high-performance modules (manufactured in accordance with GMP requirements) for the pilot production of a wide range of cell-based vaccines, including VERO cells;
  • Mathematical modeling of vaccine production processes;
  • Development of technological platforms for creation of new generation vaccines;
  • Development and reduction to practice of new methods for production of vaccines, therapeutic and prophylactic agents;
  • Improvement of methodology of computer modeling and forecasting in the field of production of vaccines, therapeutic preparations and prophylactic agents.