Institute of Special Technologies

Russian Academy of Sciences


The main research areas of JSC «IST» RAS are:
1. Performing prospecting work in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics and the creation of relevant technological solutions for applied applications.
2. Development and implementation into practice of new high-performance methods for the production of vaccines, therapeutic and prophylactic agents.
3. Development of physical and mathematical models for describing processes in various fields of science. Development of algorithms and programs.
4. Development of the new means for protection of people and equipment from penetrating, shock, thermal and combined effects.
5. Development and research of structures made of composite materials. Modeling methods.
6. Propulsors without mass transfer with the external environment and stepper propulsors.
7. Pressure gradient propulsors.
8. Creating a constant pressure gradient in a closed and semi-closed volume in gas and liquid medium.

JSC «Institute of Special Technologies» RAS produces:
1. Bullet-proof vests, armored panels and armored helmets with the best tactical and technical characteristics in comparison with well-known world products.
2. High-pressure vessels.
3. Composite material constructions.

Institute of Special Technologies

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